Situation Vacant and The Dreamwood War

Welcome to the Pelarian Multiverse – the newest fantasy environment where there is not just one set of parallel universes but six – half are magical and half subject to physical laws. This is the setting for the Pelarian Multiverse Chronicle. The first volume, ‘Situation Vacant’, maps the beginning of the amazing journey of an ordinary woman from our world as she becomes the most powerful Mage the Multiverse has ever seen. ‘The Dreamwood War’ is the second volume, just published by Lulu in June 2008. This book continues the story of Ruth Watson, the Mage Prime of the Multiverse as she and her fellow ‘Guardians’ tackle the threat of a fundamentalist move bent on the destruction of magic users throughout the Multiverse.
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What they said about ‘Situation Vacant’
Tremendous. An unusually warming ‘rites of passage’ that falls into that classic cross-genre reserved for the most discerning of readers. I relished this story, finding myself addicted, readily accepting its seamless timescaping and gleaming denouement. Up there with the best! “ Kieron Dowling

“Wow! I started to read this book and was lost in it from the first paragraph. I have heard the term 'page turner' used a lot, but in this case it is true. I didn't want to put it down”
. Steve Drilling

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